MOHE Undergraduate Scholarship Application Guidelines

  1. To begin the process, please create your account with a username and password.
  2. You must:
    • ​be a Kuwaiti citizen
    • be currently enrolled full-time in an approved university for your major
    • pursue a major designated as scholarship major based on MOHE list  ( click here to see list )
    • have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA with a minimum of 27.00 semester (or 40.5 quarter system) academic credits earned from an approved university, or 27.00 semester (or 40.5 quarter system) transferred credits (earned in approved U.S. schools)
    • not have been previously granted a MOHE scholarship that ended in dismissal or withdrawal (in accordance with MOHE regulations Article 2, First Section, Item #7 and #8)
    • submit a signed Promissory Note to repeat the excess distance learning courses through traditional classroom attendance at an approved university if you exceeded the maximum of 4 distance learning courses allowed in your entire studies
  3. Private students attending universities in the U.S. are not allowed to apply directly to the Ministry for scholarship. The application must be made through the Cultural Office.
  4. If you have missed any semester in your academic studies or have not enrolled in certain semesters, please provide explanation of the missed semesters and indicate if you were enrolled in another school or not.
  5. Please click this link to download the checklist of requirements: MOHE SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY CHECKLIST for your reference and read it carefully to make sure you have all the correct and complete documents before uploading it.
  6. Scholarship requests can only be presented to the Academic Committee when ALL required correct documents are received. Once application is received, it will be reviewed within 2-3 business days. Scholarship recommendation cases are due to be submitted every Wednesday and will be presented to the Academic Committee meeting on the following Monday. Once recommendation is approved, it will be sent to MOHE in Kuwait within the week. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for our office to receive the approval decree.
  7. Authenticated copy of transcripts from schools attended outside of United States must be mailed to our office. Official transcripts from United States schools must still be mailed directly by the respective school to our office at this address:




Souzanne Al-Azm (for Private Supervised Students)
Email address:

Angelica Barros  (for Private Unsupervised Students)
Email address:

Christina Palis  (for Private Unsupervised Students)
Email address: